Duke's Hangar: Where Aviation and Real Estate Vision Converge

When envisioning real estate investments, many might picture swanky commercial spaces or sprawling residential complexes. But for Patrick, real estate investment paints a different picture, a canvas that intertwines with a passion for aviation. This passion led to the acquisition of Duke's Hangar, a harmonious fusion of personal love for flying and keen business acumen.

Situated strategically, Duke's Hangar wasn't just a whimsical purchase. It embodied a vision of innovation combined with an intelligent investment perspective. Apart from leasing hangar space to fellow aviation enthusiasts, Patrick reimagined a section as an unconventional yet intriguing office space. This dual-purpose approach aimed to generate substantial cash flow, efficiently covering operational costs. Beyond the immediate financial returns, based on metrics like payment price per square foot, the hangar has shown significant appreciation, highlighting the sagacity behind such a unique investment.

However, the story of Duke's Hangar is not complete with delving into Patrick's formative years, tracing back to the roots of his aviation fascination. Jim Fase, Patrick's father, played a pivotal role as both an inspiration and an influencer. Not only did Jim lay the foundation for Lacuna Group, but he also instilled in Patrick an indomitable love for the skies. By age 8, Patrick's heart was set on one mission: to soar the skies. A dream that was realized eight years later when, at 16, he earned his pilot's license. Many adventures ensued, with father and son traversing the country's vast skies, building not just flight hours but cherished memories.

In aviation and real estate, foresight, adaptability, and risk assessment are essential. Patrick's guiding principle in real estate is crystalline: assess if it's logical and ascertain its investment potential. Today, Duke's Hangar is a beacon of that philosophy, exemplifying the symbiosis of passion and profession. Patrick underscores a timeless lesson through his ventures: it's possible to chase your dreams while ensuring they're anchored in practicality.