Expert Staging Tips for Selling Your Home with Ashley

It starts with creating a welcoming atmosphere, and Ashley swears by an old trick that's as simple as it is effective. She suggests baking water mixed with vanilla in the oven to give your home that inviting, homely scent to which every buyer is drawn. It's a touch that can significantly impact, creating an immediate emotional connection with visitors.
But the art of home staging extends far beyond making your home smell good; it's also about aesthetics.

Ashley emphasized the importance of choosing the right furniture for your home. She recommends working with local companies to select the perfect pieces for staging. Some companies offer various services, from design consultation to rental furniture, helping you create the ideal atmosphere for potential buyers. Moreover, it's wise to factor in the cost of this service when pricing your home.

Key spaces like the kitchen and bedrooms are critical areas to focus on during staging. The aim is to create a setting where potential buyers can envision themselves living, cooking, relaxing, and sleeping. The secret is to balance creating a stylish space and maintaining a homely feel.

Staging a home isn't just about creating an appealing interior; it also entails understanding the real estate market's psychology. Ashley highlighted that studying recently sold homes in your area and noting what worked in their staging can give you a leg up. What colors and furniture styles did they use? What aesthetic resonated with buyers?
Ashley recommends mirroring the area's aesthetic to connect with your target audience truly. For instance, go for a cozy cottage feel if your home is situated on the lakeshore. Understand the potential buyer's lifestyle, and let your home tell that story.

Home staging is a powerful tool in the real estate game, and Ashley's insights highlight the intricacies involved in the process. It's about creating an emotional connection with potential buyers and setting your home apart in the crowded real estate market. Remember, you're not just selling a house but a lifestyle and a dream. Staging can make all the difference in your property's sale if done correctly.